AF447 accident – good background on pitot icing before today’s briefing

In about an hour and a half France’s BEA is due to hold a briefing on what it’s found so far in the AF447 investigation. Ironically it’s being held at their HQ which is just down the road from the Paris Airshow here at Le Bourget where Airbus, Thales and just about vendor with systems on the A330 are camped out in force. Plus practically the entire world’s aerospace media. Whatever else, there’s no excuse for the event not being properly reported.

I rather wonder what they will be able to usefully say. Hard to see what else can be known by now, apart perhaps from knocking down the last lingering possibility of a bomb.

Meanwhile, a useful EASA briefing document has surfaced, after a surprisingly long time actually, explaining nicely what pitot icing is all about and the sort of thing that has happened in the past. Courtesy of this Pprune member. I encourage you to take a quick look.

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