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Crocs on a plane!

A big welcome to the rather promising new blog Blindvector which has got off to a storming start with these spy-in-the-cab pix of a US captain’s distressing choice of footwear.I think I can live with Crocs in the cockpit if it makes you feel good (though I bet Sully doesn’t wear them), but with black […]

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Air France on latest pitot tube anomaly

Air France has released a statement on an incident two weeks ago in which an A320, fited with the upgraded Thales pitot tube, experienced an airspeed indication anomaly. Icing is suspected. The incident was first reported by Le Figaro.The Air France statement reads as follows: A very brief 6-second anomaly in airspeeddata display was observed […]

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Y’all be sure ya have information Bubba

So, its NASCAR race day at Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth. Plenty of folks flying into Alliance Airport nearby and dialling up the ATIS (automatic terminal information service) to hear about any special procedures. Maybe expecting information Bravo, they get to hear information Bubba. NASCARAFWATIS.wav It’s great – enjoy.

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Ouch! How not to land an Embraer ERJ-145

Even though it’s in the sim, you still wince on the touchdown.

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Even An-124 freight dogs are romantic about their work

Well, from time to time anyway. Enjoy the Sonata Ruslan. Looks like the An-124 is really going to go back into production BTW. A rare example of a niche design that is also a commercial success.

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Tatarstan Airlines from Kazan to Moscow Domodedovo

Having taken the train to Kazan I fly back courtesy of Tatarstan Airlines. To my slight distress the flight is scheduled to be on a boring old Boeing 737 and not the Tupolev Tu-134 or -154 that I’d love to try. Still it turns out to be a 737-500 and I can’t remember the last […]

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Kazan Helicopters where they make the Mil Mi-17 and Mi-8

And I’m actually there. I was the kind of 14 year-old who devoured aviation books and knew every Russian helicopter in existence (or known to NATO anyway.) That was deep in Cold War days and if anyone had told me I’d one day be in the heart of Russia at the factory making Mi-8s I’d […]

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Video of Southwest and P&W doing that engine washing thing

When I was in Dallas earlier this year I had to turn down an invite to see the EcoPower engine washing process. Happily Southwest have now made a very neat movie of it.

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From Russia with considerable affection

Truly a day of planes, trains and automobiles. Up at 05:00 in London, and in a minicab to Heathrow T5 at 06:00. For T5 the cab drivers like to take the motorway route all the way round the M25 to the west side of Heathrow instead of going through the suburbs as they’ve done forever […]

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Final update on that United flight UA842 diversion

It’s all a pretty sorry tale and I’m not really planning to say anything more about it after this unless it’s plain wrong. According to various United sources the captain was on his first trip back after extended sick leave.About 45min into the flight he asks for a document called the crew declaration. There’s a […]

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