Air France on latest pitot tube anomaly

Air France A320.jpg

Air France has released a statement on an incident two weeks ago in which an A320, fited with the upgraded Thales pitot tube, experienced an airspeed indication anomaly. Icing is suspected. The incident was first reported by Le Figaro.

The Air France statement reads as follows:

A very brief 6-second anomaly in airspeeddata display was observed on 13 July on an Airbus A320 aircraft (Flight AF1905,Rome – Paris Charles de Gaulle) fitted with the Thal├Ęs BA probes (latestmodel). This was probably due to icing at high altitude. The crew applied thenecessary procedures and the aircraft maintained its flight path with nochange.


As the failure of the airspeedsensors had been reported in the ACARS messages at the time of the accident ofthe Rio-Paris flight, particular attention is accorded by all crews to theaccuracy of the speed indications.  Eventhough fleeting, the incident on the A320 was reported, and is currently beingclosely examined by the manufacturers and the authorities.


At this stage, it should be clear toall that the extreme vigilance of the pilots, maintenance personnel,specialists working for the manufacturers and the authorities is the bestguarantee that the flights carried out with the various types of authorizedsensors take place in complete safety.

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