Second update on that diversion of United Airlines flight UA842

Well it’s all true as first suggested. The skipper of UA842, a Boeing 767 operating Sao Paulo-Chicago on the night of 13 July really did get sufficiently fed up with his purser that he landed at Miami and ordered him or her off the aircraft.

Update: Reply 33 here is an interesting account of the situation from someone whose profile is of a purser based in San Francisco and says the UA842 purser was female.

ALPA and the AFA are saying they haven’t got details of the event yet, but I’m pretty sure that they have really. In fact a good chunk of the United pilot force knew about the incident before the aircraft even landed and could hardly believe what they were hearing.

As I understand it the pilot was taken off flight status one way or another within a couple of hours of landing. Apparently there may have been some history between these two people.

I suspect United’s main issue is the idea of a captain taking it upon himself to cheerfully lob into an arbitrary airport in the middle of the night in his multi-million dollar machine on less than compelling grounds and then continue on his merry way. One can only imagine (or more likely one can’t imagine) the atmosphere in the aircraft during the rest of the flight.

Definitely one for the crew resource management literature. We’re running the story on Flightglobal. Do comment if you know more.

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2 Responses to Second update on that diversion of United Airlines flight UA842

  1. Oliie361 July 19, 2009 at 12:54 pm #

    It’s the same old story: “Mine is longer than yours, etc!”
    The fact is that often some members of an airline crew suffer of an inferiority complex. These have to assess themselves, because, “God only knows”,they have been bestowed of an authority they very badly impose to their peers and often to their immediate superiors.
    The Airline in question is right not only to suspend both the skipper and the purser, but to take both to court and pretend compensation for their awful judgement. None of them is worth a further comment.

  2. mutuelle September 27, 2010 at 9:20 am #

    The Captain actually had her pulled off for being a terrorist. He wanted her to hand him the Customs paperwork and she slid it under the door to avoid another confrontation with him. The captain failed to realise that the people paying your salary come first when its not a life/death issue and he can wait. I guess he does not realize (most pilots don’t) that he is the the “God” he thinks he is

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