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40 fabulous aviation photos from the Boston Globe

Just because they can, the Boston Globe has published a really wonderful series of aviation photos of all kinds. Hey, it’s Friday, if you’re in the UK then you’ve got a three-day weekend coming up for the last time this ‘summer’. Waste a few minutes looking at these and telling your email buddies about them. […]

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The strange case of the AW139 tailboom that came off

That’s “came off” in the sense that nobody quite knows how. Allhappened a few days ago to a Gulf Helicopters machine at Doha, Qatar.Most importantly the tailboom departed during the taxi for take-off,which is obviously very odd but infinitely better than it happeninghalf an hour later. The AW139 tailboom has history which may or may […]

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Electronic cigarettes cause FedEx MD-11 fire

Electronic what???? Yup, cigarettes, and I had never heard of them until today. Perhaps you had. Well you’ve probably heard about the FedEx MD-11 incident at Minneapolis-St Paul on 14 August. After landing the crew had a lower forward cargo fire warning. They discharged the halon bottles and called the firefighters who eventually found a […]

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Video of Bangkok Airways ATR 72 crash rescue operation

Bangkok Airways, Koh Samui, ATR 72

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Boeing 737 in Second Life

Like most of the world I suspect, I just barely understand Second Life. But it seems pretty obvious that it was made for aviation – the quintessential 3-D business. So no surprise to see a 737 making an appearance on it. I’ve no idea if it’s a first or the zillionth, but educational to those […]

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Great video about dumb chicks who can’t fly a Cessna

Cessna, aerobatics, Catherine Cavagnaro, Sandra Krier, women pilots,

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Russia targets light helicopter market with Turbomeca-engined Mi-34

Getting Russia back into the global airliner market is obviously going to be hard going, but after visiting the country I think the Russians’ prospects in helicopters are much better – and here’s their next move. There was a hint of this while I was at Kazan when deputy director Igor Bugakov said there might […]

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Who’s on the Irkut MS-21, and who might be on?

So now we know which vendors are likely to turn up on the aircraft carrying the hopes and fears of Russia’s large commercial aircraft business for the foreseeable. And it’s quite an interesting list that Irkut has released regarding the MS-21 (or MC-21 as they, but just about nobody else, call it.)

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Superjet not Russian enough for Russia

‘Do as I say not as I do’ is not the world’s greatest sales pitch, but somewhat incredibly it is the message coming from the Russian presidential flight about the Sukhoi Superjet. Despite the project having had the Russian administration’s explicit backing since its origins, it now turns out that the Rossiya Special Flight has […]

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Somewhere in England (and somewhere else in Greece)

OK it’s holiday blog post time. This summer’s edition comes to you from Dorset in England and the Peloponnesian coast of Greece.Little to report from the Peloponnese I’m afraid, beyond a constant stream of what I think were these guys below from the nearby base at Araxos. I’d forgotten the Hellenic Air Force still has […]

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