Who’s on the Irkut MS-21, and who might be on?

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So now we know which vendors are likely to turn up on the aircraft carrying the hopes and fears of Russia’s large commercial aircraft business for the foreseeable. And it’s quite an interesting list that Irkut has released regarding the MS-21 (or MC-21 as they, but just about nobody else, call it.)

The landing-gear is going to be led by Hydromash (or Gidromash) of Russia, although I wonder if that will be with the help of Liebherr which has collaborated extensively with them.

Hamilton Sundstrand, I suppose unsurprisingly given parent UTC’s long-standing focus on Russia, is well-represented on the aircraft. It was almost a given that it would get the environmental control system, given its heat-exchanger joint venture with Nauka of Moscow, but it’s also picked up: the APU. wing anti-icing; fire protection with UTC sister L’Hotellier; neutral gas system (which I assume means fuel-tank inerting); and electrical system.

But French interests – never far away in Russia – are also in evidence through various Zodiac Aerospace units. Zodiac’s ECE of France is working with Hamilton Sundstrand on the electrical system; it’s Intertechnique unit has got the fuel system; and Intertechnique is apparently co-operating with Hamilton Sundstrand again on the inerting; it’s also won the oxygen system; and Zodiac’s US C&D Interiors has got the main cabin contract.

Eaton, which has its own Russian ventures already, has won the hydraulics but Irkut says more than 50% of the components of the system will be produced by Russian firms PMZ Voshod, PKO Teploobmennik, MIZ Znamya, and Tehpribor.

But the biggest deals are only reduced to shortlists. UTC’s Pratt & Whitney is in consideration for the engine along with Rolls-Royce; Rockwell Collins and Avionika of Russia are the final two for the avionics (although I wonder if they will somehow be forced together); and the flight control system appears to come down to a team led by Aviapribor of Russia supported by Goodrich AS of France and Moog of the USA – versus Liebherr I think.

Decisions on the engines, avionics and flight controls are due by 1 November. As far as I’m aware there is still intended to be a Russian engine choice as well.

During the MAKS show the Rosavia requirement for up to 65 new narrowbodies was announced, and somewhere there’s a statement from Rosavia saying Boeing, Airbus and Irkut are in contention – but I can’t see how Irkut can seriously pitch for that since deliveries are due to start next year. However, maybe some sort of plan to lease Western types and roll them over to MS-21s could be cooked up. After the weird and wonderful saga of the Aeroflot multiple Boeing and Airbus procurements I’d believe anything.

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3 Responses to Who’s on the Irkut MS-21, and who might be on?

  1. Airpower August 24, 2009 at 1:48 pm #

    …because MC-21 is how you write MS-21 in Cyrillic. So that’s nobody else, apart from everyone in the country that builds it.

  2. Mutuelle santé October 1, 2010 at 8:46 am #

    It has been a talk in the aeronautic industries about the MS-21 or MC-21 . Many questions arise asking if it was the same aircraft or two different one.

  3. Kieran Daly April 7, 2013 at 11:34 pm #

    Well, not really, because Irkut writes it as MC-21 in their English language releases. Whereas United Aircraft Corporation, for example, writes it as MS-21 in their English language releases. And, although you’ll have to take my word for it, UAC chairman Alexey Fedorov calls it MS-21 verbally when he’s speaking English.

    But in any case I think I’m right in saying that MC-21 in Cyrillic is not MC-21 in English. Is it?

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