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ATR hangar smash.JPG

Photo of when the fork-lift met the American Eagle ATR 72

This happened sometime over last weekend and the way it’s told to me inan email is that somewhere in the middle of it all was a technicianwho’s been pretty badly knocked about. Hope it’s not too bad.Anyway,roughly speaking the fork-lift, for reasons I know not, hit the stairsthat the guy was using to work on […]

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I’ve got a new blog

Don’t worry, it’s in addition to Unusual Attitude. It’s called KD-Check and it’s for the world of MRO, which I’m spending an increasing amount of time covering.Take a quick look – my most recent post could actually just as well have turned up here. I’m wondering who the new Boeing 767 winglet customer is? And […]

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Pratt & Whitney fan and proud of it

Personally I tend to go more for a discreet pin on my lapel, but looking at this guy’s biceps I’m certainly not about to argue with his tastes. Pratt & Whitney are pleased enough with the result to tweet on it (first mention for Twitter on UA there). I’d like to know why our decorated […]

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Seattle 34R.JPG

That’s Seattle runway 34R, right?

Nice pix of Seatac’s new runway from the Seattle P-I by photographer Joshua Trujillo. Somebody has to paint those big numbers and there’s history in this case – you can’t paint them big enough. The NTSB was eventually pretty understanding about it all.

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Pilot selection in China – a ghastly experience like everywhere

Xiamen Airlines in Shenyang has aggressive growth plans which means they also need an awful lot of pilots. Here’s a nice report from Carnoc on how they select them. Lots of pix.If you’ve ever been through pilot-selection the you won’t need reminding of the awful gut-wrenching days of the process as you wait for the […]

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What happened to Barack Obama’s Midwest MD-81 last year?

NTSB just reported on that slide that inflated in the tailcone. All ended happily. (Wow, wouldn’t history have been different otherwise!?)If you recall, there was some debate about how serious it all was and the ATC audio became public

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Are Boeing and Airbus letting their narrowbody rivals off the hook?

I still don’t think so, although the theory is getting renewed currency. Our rivals over at Aviation Week are suggesting that China’s C919 is going to be well-timed to steal a lead over the West, and now it seems Bloomberg is talking up the idea of Bombardier and Embraer finally getting thier big break.

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FAA crest.JPG

The outcome of the great American safety fiasco of 2008

You’ll remember the ludicrous state the US airlines and FAA got into at various points last year which started with a genuine compliance issue in Southwest and exploded into the groundings of hundreds of aircraft over a period of weeks. It all culminated in the insanity of United’s grounding of its 777 fleet pointlessly leaving […]

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Jetblue A320.jpg

Turbulence – broken ribs, spine…usual sort of thing

Actually an incident from July that didn’t get much or any coverage at the time but has quietly turned up in the NTSB database. It’s the classic turbulence gotcha – lovely clear day, nice new aircraft, landing in sunny Fort Myers shortly – you can easily picture the scene. Crew puts on seatbelt signs, some […]

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Martin 404s in Life magazine.jpg

For all you Martin 4-0-4 fans out there – some great photos

Come on, there must be one! (I mean, it turned out there were three A340 fans!). A memory from Atlanta 1956 of a type of which precisely 103 were built and which I think is primarily famous for having arguably the most idiosyncratic designation in airliner history. (And which, according to Wikipedia, last flew in […]

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