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Another reason why China will not soon overtake Western aerospace

Scott Hamilton’s story about US questions to the WTO about Chinese aerospace subsidies, published first on our CAO subscription service, and then on his own Leeham site, deserves much more attention than it’s been getting. It hints at one of the most powerful reasons why China’s aerospace industry is not going to match the major […]

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I am leaving Flight

Tomorrow actually. I couldn’t quite bring myself to make it public until now.It’s almost exactly 21 years since, in an astounding stroke of luck, I was in the right place at the right time to land a job on Flight International. And the experience since has lived up to, and then wildly surpassed, whatever expectations […]

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Should I sue Boeing over the British Airways 777 crash

I only ask this because I’m being urged to do so by a firm of London lawyers – “the UK’s leading aviation claimant law firm” apparently. They understand that I was a passenger on BA038, which you’ll recall crashed short of the runway at Heathrow probably due to fuel icing, and they believe I “may […]

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Northwest A320 crew find rostering more interesting than flying

Who realised flying airliners had become so boring? It turns out that the two pilots of the Northwest A320 that overflew Minneapolis St Paul were two old lags within sight of retirement who got talking about the age-old subject of the crew rostering system, pulled out their laptops on the flight deck to look at […]

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Air France pilots tell management like it is concerning AF447

Air France’s letter to its pilots telling them essentially to move on and not get involved in the AF447 blame-game has not gone down well. The biggest of the pilots unions there, SNPL, issued this response under the heading An Unacceptable Letter. It’s my translation – feel free to offer alternatives. The SNPL ALPA Air […]

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Air France tells its pilots like it is regarding AF447

In a quintessentially French document, Air France’s heads of flight ops and safety have written to the carrier’s pilots telling them what the company thinks about the AF447 situation. In a lengthy analysis of the current position, bordering on the philosophical, Pierre-Marie Gauron and Etienne Lichtenberger basically say the public debate in the media and […]

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Video: Northwest pilot denies sleeping or arguing

One of the pilots of the Northwest Airlines flight that flew past Minneapolis last week has given at least an indication of what he and the other pilot will be telling the NTSB. First officer Richard Cole told ABC News that he couldn’t go into any more detail. Here’s the conversation on video below. 

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Delta/Northwest incident – bust-up in cockpit, not sleep

The NTSB has just confirmed my story that it wasn’t a sleeping Northwest crew that caused the no-radio incident at Minneapolis. In fact it was a cockpit bust-up. Here’s their statement:***********************************************************                       NTSB ADVISORY ************************************************************   NationalTransportation Safety Board Washington, DC20594     October 22, 2009     ************************************************************ NTSBINVESTIGATING FLIGHT THAT OVERFLEW INTENDED MINNEAPOLIS AIRPORT […]

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More on that Delta/Northwest incident

The story is starting to turn up, but I’m still not sure the truth is out there.Here’s local television and here’s the Wall Street Journal.

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Strange Delta/Northwest incident

Word is that details will emerge today of a peculiar incident last night involving a Delta/Northwest flight into or out of Minneapolis St Paul. The gist is that the aircraft went out of radar contact for something like an hour and that a sleeping crew was suspected. But there’s also a suggestion that there’s more […]

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