A study in styles: Victoria Anderton and Sully Sullenberger

Two workaday aviation folk in the media for political reasons today – with contrasting results.

Sully portrait.jpgOn the one hand there’s ‘Sully’ Sullenberger of Hudson River fame who it turns out was approached by the US Republican Party to stand for Congress. Thanks but no thanks, was his very sensible response.

Now this is not because of stage-fright. Sully, who until a short while ago was a largely unknown airline captain, had his moment in front of Congress and used it with devastating effect to help wake up the country about some of what has been going on in the airline business.

Then, being a smart guy, he had the good sense to go back to doing what he’s good atand helping others to do it as well as he does. He has pretty muchuniversal respect in the piloting community and the wider public.

Flt Lt Victoria Anderton.JPGOn the other hand there’s Flt Lt Victoria Anderton of the RAF is also now the darling of a particular political constituency, although in the UK. But you can be confident that she’s not commanding the same degree of respect among her peers.

Inthe UK we don’t really do the ‘commander in chief’ thing as in the US.I’ve got no strong views on that. But nevertheless if you’re in HMForces you do have a commander, and although She’s not intimately involved in the conduct of the war,she has people working for her who are. The one of them who mattersmost is the Prime Minister, and it doesn’t behove junior officers toshow disrespect to him before a global audience.

Flt Lt Anderton’s self-publicising, silly comments do her no credit at all.

In the Army commenters are divided on this. On Pprune everyone is so far oddly silent. Update: On Pprune they’re also divided but markedly less sympathetic.

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  1. mutuelle santé October 4, 2010 at 9:32 am #

    Seems as if we are to the “The commander in Chief”,really interesting to get connected on what is happening.

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