Air France pilots tell management like it is concerning AF447

Air France’s letter to its pilots telling them essentially to move on and not get involved in the AF447 blame-game has not gone down well. The biggest of the pilots unions there, SNPL, issued this response under the heading An Unacceptable Letter. It’s my translation – feel free to offer alternatives.

The SNPL ALPA Air France,like all pilots of Air Francewas shocked by the letter to pilots by the Director of Flight Operations andSafety Director.


This letter is unacceptable because it suggests, in a denial of reality,the sole responsibility of the situation described lies with the pilots.

In an amalgamation between the AF447 accident and certain operationalincidents, the management of Air Francecalls into question the professionalism and sense of responsibility of Air France linepilots, making them scapegoats .

This letter crystallizes the pilots’ loss of confidence in themanagement of their company, and particularly to the authors of the letter andthose who approved it.

In pointing only to the line pilots, the management demonstrates itsinability and unwillingness to accept any challenge.

The SNPL had demanded this overall questioning in the aftermath of AF447 bycalling for an external audit.  The management of Air Franceresponded positively to our request in early September 2009.

In view of the autism of the Air France management as evidenced by thisletter, SNPL Air Franceinsists that the audit is begun as soon as possible. Furthermore, SNPL Air France demandsto take part in this audit to assure itself that it examines all the servicesand modes of operation related to flight safety.

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