Painful to watch this animation of that FedEx ATR 42 crash

It’s difficult to explain what was going through the minds of the pilots in that Empire Airlines / FedEx ATR 42 that crashed at Lubbock, TX back in January. Fortunately they survived, but watching the NTSB’s animation is still a pretty horrible experience. So many things going wrong and you just will them to go around. But they don’t.

The captain had nearly 14,000 hours including more than 2,000 on the ATR, and his experience included Beech 18 time. Never put a foot wrong as far as anyone can tell. Here’s what he told the NTSB. The female first officer had 2,000 hours including 130 on the ATR, and here’s what she said. I’m struck that neither of them has a bad word about each other or about the company. But it’s pretty obvious that she would have gone around if he hadn’t taken control.

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