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Big guy

Passenger creates big debate at American – I mean big!

This is sent to me with the absolute assurance that it’s a genuine picture taken by a flight attendant at American Airlines. The F/A took it to show her manager what was happening on the aircraft (757???) and why she was unhappy about it. Seems the guy paid for only one seat and the gate […]

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Another one for Pratt & Whitney fans

First frost of the year in London this morning and northern hemisphere aviation is entering the winter. There will doubtless be much airport angst ahead, especially in the US mid-west and northeast – so a quick reminder of just how remarkable it is that the video below is pretty unremarkable. Didn’t even take a century […]

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Snow pic.jpg

Would you take off with this much snow on the wing?

This picture taken by someone who says they were an off-duty flight attendant is causing considerable consternation in UK regulatory circles. And it’s being energetically discussed on Pprune. It was sent to the UK’s greatly respected CHIRP operation which is a confidential safety reporting system in which incidents are disidentified.The F/A says (s)he told the […]

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Staying awake on the flightdeck

Obviously the main thing pilots now do to pass the time on boring sectors is discuss what happened to the Northwest crew who overflew Minneapolis on a boring sector. But the bloggers among them are starting to put their thoughts into print.Aluwings at The Wings Stayed On is educational about the inventive uses to which […]

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Great article on pilot fatigue (and a strange RAA comment)

Hats off to Eric Torbenson of the Dallas Morning News for an intelligent and penetrating article on scheduling and pay issues in the US regional airline industry. Another piece of evidence adding to the growing certainty that this is not a sustainable situation.US Regional Airline Association (RAA) president Roger Cohen is quoted as saying that […]

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What is wrong with this photo at Atlanta?

Of course if you’re familiar with this story (and who isn’t) then the answer will be easy. What’s wrong is the skidmarks on the taxiway. But it’s still not at all clear what happened. Interesting take on this incident and the Northwest distracted crew here, It’s a sensible argument but I’m not sure I really […]

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