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Glorious Boeing 787 photos

Boeing’s coverage of its own 787 Dreamliner first and second flight has been so weirdly non-intuitive that I haven’t really worked out how you’re supposed to follow it, even though I’d love to. Anyway the pictures below are from the Boeing-owned Future of Flight enterprise via Seattle PI – or something.

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TSA – when all else fails, blame the journalists

Courtesy of my former colleague Mary Kirby, comes this overview of what the TSA gets up to in order to solve the mystery of how come the document that they sent to a few hundred people got leaked. You really wonder if they inhabit the same planet as the rest of us. And if they […]

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Plane bombers to shoe bomber to pants bomber

That’s the record of Al Qaeda so far and we should all be taking a rare piece of comfort from the attempted attack on Northwest 253 at Detroit yesterday. The fact is that in eight years we have moved from Al Qaeda successfully launching an attack of considerable complexity conducted in the heart of the […]

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Ryanair in the snow – heroic stuff or hairy stuff

Landing at London Stansted in the small hours of this morning on a Ryanair Boeing 737, I was almost tempted to join in the smattering of applause from the rear of the cabin. (Almost but not quite – I do have some dignity). I could barely see the runway edges  in the fog, and what […]

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Ed Strongman

What a superb landing Ed Strongman made in the A400M today

When I was hired for this Airbus A400M communications contract, I was told early on “it’ll be good if you can liaise closely with the test pilot – Ed Strongman (seen left discussing the flight with his British customers)  – very nice chap, you’ll like him”. What I quietly thought was “Oh Lord…”. Here’s the […]

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That obese passenger post

As you can see below, for the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing a lousy job of maintaining this blog – but there are reasons. The obese pax post has got huge attention and I just thought I should tell you where I am on it.

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What on earth is going on with this blog?

OK, fair question. The post below – now known as the obese passenger post – is on its way to record traffic for me anyway, and meanwhile I’ve gone absent. I truly apologise – here’s the situation. Some of you will recall that I was due to leave Flight in sub-optimal circumstances at the end […]

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