Plane bombers to shoe bomber to pants bomber

That’s the record of Al Qaeda so far and we should all be taking a rare piece of comfort from the attempted attack on Northwest 253 at Detroit yesterday.

The fact is that in eight years we have moved from Al Qaeda successfully launching an attack of considerable complexity conducted in the heart of the USA with massive effect, to their being reduced to a flaky one-man attack originating in the Third World and ending in fiasco.

This is a symptom of success on our part. Only partial success – because the question remains as to how what seems to have been a known person of interest was travelling without obstruction – but success nevertheless.

And US Congressman Peter King, who is quoted all over the place as calling this attack “the real deal” is way wrong. Actually this does now appear to be the ‘real deal’ and it’s not very frightening – but it’s not the real deal in the sense he means.

You can expect quite a lot of nonsense to be ‘revealed’ by the US authorities about the perpetrator Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab – the US judicial system clearly relies quite heavily on talking up the supposed threat posed by those facing trial. But step back and make your own judgement. We’re winning.

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    Given his special hiding place, at least future generations shouldn’t be troubled by any offspring from the malignant moron.

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