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Bits falling off Boeing 787, could happen to anybody

Everyday tale of life in flight-test. I wonder who was first to notice? IDENTIFICATION Regis#: UNK Make/Model: B-78 Description: B 787 DREAMLINER Date: 05/07/2010 Time: 2245 Event Type: Incident Highest Injury: None Mid Air: N Missing: N Damage: MinorLOCATION City: SEATTLE State: WA Country: USDESCRIPTION AIRCRAFT LOST TAIL SENSOR CONE UPON LANDING, BOEING FIELD, SEATTLE, […]

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No, nothing wrong, but I’m declaring an emergency, everyone outtamyway…

Opinions in the pilot community will doubtless be divided over the conduct of this American Airlines Boeing 767 captain who doesn’t like the runway he’s been given and doesn’t care who knows it. To the point of unilaterally switching runways at JFK, declaring an emergency, and carrying on his own sweet way. Opinions in the […]

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What do you call a rehearsal for an airshow?

How about “an airshow”? Which makes you wonder how many people will turn up for the actual Victory Day parade in Moscow in four days time after getting rather more than a sneak preview of the aerial component yesterday. All the tank freaks I suppose.

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Any male formation aerobatic team leaders out there anymore?

Having set off down the road of chronicling the recent achievements of female pilots in the world’s military aerobatic teams, I guess I’m now stuck with it. You’ll recall how the Red Arrows and Patrouille de France both announced their first female pilots last year, and then the Patrouille confirmed the appointment of a female […]

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