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Pogosyan gets world’s worst aerospace exec job

No doubt somebody will point out a worse one, but it will have to be pretty grim to challenge the new role that it seems long-standing Sukhoi chief Mikhail Pogosyan has finally got – head of Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).

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The pride of Getafe – both of them

Finally got my first visit to Airbus’s Getafe facility a few miles south of Madrid today and, even though obviously I’m currently biased towards my primary employer, it’s hard not to be impressed by the ultra-leading-edge composites and other manufacturing technology there. Obviously the pride of Getafe right now is the magnificent beast shown below […]

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Glorious Boeing 787 photos

Boeing’s coverage of its own 787 Dreamliner first and second flight has been so weirdly non-intuitive that I haven’t really worked out how you’re supposed to follow it, even though I’d love to. Anyway the pictures below are from the Boeing-owned Future of Flight enterprise via Seattle PI – or something.

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Another reason why China will not soon overtake Western aerospace

Scott Hamilton’s story about US questions to the WTO about Chinese aerospace subsidies, published first on our CAO subscription service, and then on his own Leeham site, deserves much more attention than it’s been getting. It hints at one of the most powerful reasons why China’s aerospace industry is not going to match the major […]

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Are Boeing and Airbus letting their narrowbody rivals off the hook?

I still don’t think so, although the theory is getting renewed currency. Our rivals over at Aviation Week are suggesting that China’s C919 is going to be well-timed to steal a lead over the West, and now it seems Bloomberg is talking up the idea of Bombardier and Embraer finally getting thier big break.

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First photo of Comac C919 (model)

So, for those of you who haven’t seen the story on the Flightglobal homepage, here’s the model of the Comac C919 at the Asian Aerospace show in Hong Kong. Looks like a sort of Bombraer-Boebus C7320.

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C919 image perhaps.jpg

Or is this the COMAC C919?

My colleague David Kaminski-Morrow suggests that the aircraft image tucked away in the background in this ceremony back in May is more likely to represent what it actually looks like. I suspect he’s right. Here’s the original link.  

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Is this really the COMAC C919? And why it’s called the C919?

OK, I badly need some Chinese assistance here. This image below has turned up today in a Chinese publication, it seems to me purporting to be China’s planned C919 airliner. If it really is a high-wing, T-tailed configuration then that would be a huge surprise. Surely not? But at least the explanation for why it’s […]

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Thumbnail image for MC-21_01.jpg

Who’s on the Irkut MS-21, and who might be on?

So now we know which vendors are likely to turn up on the aircraft carrying the hopes and fears of Russia’s large commercial aircraft business for the foreseeable. And it’s quite an interesting list that Irkut has released regarding the MS-21 (or MC-21 as they, but just about nobody else, call it.)

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LAN 767 663.jpg

Absolutely the last one – Lan Boeing 767 with winglets

OK, one last time, we all agree Boeing 767 looks great with winglets, and here’s the most recent one to fly – it’s Lan’s first and flew Santiago-Buenos Aires (just to show off to the neighbours I suppose.)

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