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That Qatari C-17 turns up in Haiti

Courtesy of my former colleague David Kaminski-Morrow, here are pictures showing that Qatari C-17 that bounced through Sevilla and duly turned up in the nightmare that is Haiti. Countries like Qatar are very keen to be seen playing their role in third-world relief in the years ahead – a key market for military airlifters. Pix […]

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Qatar C-17.JPG

What is that C-17 doing on the Seville ramp?!

So driving into work on this sunny Seville / Sevilla morning with not many cares in the world, I have one of those “what the heck is that doing there” moments. In fact I first have a “what the heck is that” moment. But thereĀ“s no doubt about it – tucked in with the usual […]

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United 767.jpeg

United Airlines leans to Airbus for big fleet renewal

All the whispers from Chicago are that Airbus is looking good for the lion’s share of United’s big aircraft order. Scott Hamilton at Leeham wrote this yesterday, and although Scott does some work for us here at Flight, I’m hearing similar things completely independently.My information is that UAL executives are spending a great deal of […]

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Emirates shower flyertalk.jpg

That Emirates A380 shower is neater than I realised

Not having had the pleasure, I didn’t really appreciate just how clever those showers in first on Emirates’ A380s actually are. Truly a design classic.These very well-executed pix from Flyingflox over at tell the story wonderfully well. I love the moving map display – nice touch.

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Trans-States’ world-changing order for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet

An exaggerated headline? We shall see. But today’s news that US regional carrier Trans-States Airlines has ordered 50 Mitsubishi Regional Jets with 50 options is hugely important. Finally the quadopoly (can’t be right, but I’m not sure what the right word is) of Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Bombardier is over.

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Are Boeing and Airbus letting their narrowbody rivals off the hook?

I still don’t think so, although the theory is getting renewed currency. Our rivals over at Aviation Week are suggesting that China’s C919 is going to be well-timed to steal a lead over the West, and now it seems Bloomberg is talking up the idea of Bombardier and Embraer finally getting thier big break.

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Superjet not Russian enough for Russia

‘Do as I say not as I do’ is not the world’s greatest sales pitch, but somewhat incredibly it is the message coming from the Russian presidential flight about the Sukhoi Superjet. Despite the project having had the Russian administration’s explicit backing since its origins, it now turns out that the Rossiya Special Flight has […]

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Even An-124 freight dogs are romantic about their work

Well, from time to time anyway. Enjoy the Sonata Ruslan. Looks like the An-124 is really going to go back into production BTW. A rare example of a niche design that is also a commercial success.

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Airbus A310s losing their tip fences – anyone got a picture?

The whole subject of winglets and tip fences has been discussed to death over the years and there are still plenty of people who believe that their main function is marketing – like go-faster stripes. Regardless of the truth, I’ve never actually heard of them falling off before.So rather embarrassing for Airbus then that that […]

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Trent  FOHE.gif

British Airways Boeing 777 accident – Rolls-Royce fix mandated

The investigation into the loss of British Airways Boeing 777 BA038 at Heathrow last year continues, but now the fuel-oil heat-exchanger (FOHE) thought to be at the heart of the matter has been redesigned by Rolls-Royce. European operators anyway have got until the end of next year or or 6,000 flight hours, whichever comes sooner, […]

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