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What is wrong with this photo at Atlanta?

Of course if you’re familiar with this story (and who isn’t) then the answer will be easy. What’s wrong is the skidmarks on the taxiway. But it’s still not at all clear what happened. Interesting take on this incident and the Northwest distracted crew here, It’s a sensible argument but I’m not sure I really […]

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LHR Terminal 1 BAA.jpg

Fixing Heathrow T1 or winning the US Presidency – which is harder?

Let me tell you, if you think it’s the presidency then you’re not a Heathrow regular. But weirdly enough it seems this actual question is going to be addressed. BAA, the little-loved operator of London’s big three airports, is a finalist in the Project Management Institute’s annual awards, due to be presented in Orlando tomorrow. […]

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Heathrow BAA.jpg

Conservative Party will not give Heathrow its third runway

It’s the annual conference of the Conservative Party in the UK – those are the people who are almost certainly going to get to run the country from next summer – and one very clear piece of news out of it seems to be that Heathrow will not get its third runway. Various senior Conservatives […]

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Tatarstan Airlines 737.jpg

Tatarstan Airlines from Kazan to Moscow Domodedovo

Having taken the train to Kazan I fly back courtesy of Tatarstan Airlines. To my slight distress the flight is scheduled to be on a boring old Boeing 737 and not the Tupolev Tu-134 or -154 that I’d love to try. Still it turns out to be a 737-500 and I can’t remember the last […]

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JAL Boeing 747-400 sucks baggage container into engine at LAX

Now that’s what I call FOD! In case you doubted it, a General Electric CF6 can’t swallow a standard baggage container. Actually what’s interesting is that the container is still at least sort-of in one piece, I wonder if the crew had time to throttle back before the impact??? Will keep the AOG desks busy […]

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Flickr of airport flow.jpg

For all you air traffic controllers out there…

…I suppose in the end this is what it’s all about??? Full size version here courtesy of vector1771 who’s from Portland, Oregon where I rather suspect this was taken???

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Arlanda accident tug.JPG

If you did that again, is there anything you’d do differently?

In the case of this incident at Stockholm Arlanda Airport the answer of all concerned is probably a resounding ‘yes’. Here is one of the many interesting sentences in the report. Pix below. When the driver of the pushback tow vehicle sat down in the forward position to start the vehicle engine and drive it […]

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Ryanair at Pula.jpg

Ryanair slotting in between the Migs at Pula

I’ve been on holiday, so this is just an aviation travelogue (avialogue?), but it’s a bit offbeat, so here goes. We were in Croatia, one of the places in Europe where I still get a passport stamp, though when the Croatians negotiate their way into the EU I won’t anymore. We flew into Pula Airport […]

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Suddenly China wobbles as well (but only for a moment)

Here at Flight I’ve been managing the launch of a website in Chinese aimed at China’s air transport business. We publish about 10 stories a day and it’s been impossible to ignore the fact that all of a sudden some of them have contained some startling statistics for the month of May. First there were […]

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Eurowings CRJ200.jpg

Oddball routes no. 1: Dusseldorf-Newquay by Lufthansa

Here’s the first of what may become an occasional series on Unusual Attitude (you never know with us bloggers…). Feel free to contribute more. The reason I had my dalliance with the regional business recently and flew Exeter-Brussels was because I couldn’t fly from Newquay, a couple of miles from where I was staying, to […]

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