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Memorial flypast for First Air Boeing 737 at Yellowknife

A remarkable memorial flypast was organised four days after the loss of the First Air Boeing 737-200 at Resolute Bay. Not wholly surprising in a part of the world that is truly aviation country, but a terrific job all the same. Best seen in full-screen HD with audio.

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What do insurers think makes a safe airline?

An interesting question. These are the folk who really think about this issue because, the world being the way it is, their whole business is based on understanding it. Right now they’re doubtless thinking about it harder than ever because they’re having a pretty horrible year, not that anybody else is likely to lose much […]

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Seattle loses a newspaper and James Wallace (hopefully not for long)

Today marks the final publication day of the Hearst-owned Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper. It’s continuing on the web, but it’s already decided that it can do without an aviation correspondent among other things and so the greatly respected James Wallace is out of a job. (A Seattle publisher without a heavyweight aviation correspondent – interesting concept […]

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New FAA administrator to be…Randy Babbitt

A contact in the US who moves in aviation union circles just bet me five pounds that the new FAA administrator will be one-time US ALPA president Randy Babbitt. He’s apparently seen as a compromise candidate who’s more acceptable to backers of rival candidates than another former ALPA president Duane Woerth. Woerth is the favoured […]

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Five reasons why The End of Aviation is not nigh

The New Republic magazine in the US has a thought-provoking article running entitled The End of Aviation. It’s subtitled What will happen when America can’t afford to fly? It’s about America obviously, but most of the arguments are applicable elsewhere. A couple of years ago I would have considered them plausible, but now I’m more […]

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Podcast with David Field and Addison Schonland

Today I’ve been putting together a podcast with my colleague David Field, who’s Airline Business US Editor based in Washington DC, and Addison Schonland of IAG who’s created quite a few of these now and is producing some very slick material. I’m asking them about what’s happening (or not happening) with US airline consolidation and […]

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