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If you like Tupolev Tu-134s and folk dancing you’ll love this

There can be few among us who, during the Cold War, did not dream of dancing with our friends in front of a Tupolev Tu-134. You had to be crusty not to. Fortunately, in Andrew Rogers we have a connoisseur of such things (and other more mainstream things) who carefully curates them for the rest […]

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I’m being emotionally blackmailed – quite successfully though…

Every time the damned Vulcan XH558 people contact me for support I promise myself this is the last time I do it. At least I had the honesty early on to voice my doubts. And every time I end up caving in.This time I was absolutely braced to say ‘no’. Fingers poised over the ‘n’ […]

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Wright movie.JPG

Movie from the cockpit of Wright Brothers aircraft (apparently)

Wouldn’t it be cool to see what it was like flying one of the Wright Brothers’ aircraft – you know, if they had mounted a movie camera on it to see the pilot’s eye view? Would never have happened of course.Except it seems, to my astonishment, that it did. In Italy, in 1909. And here’s […]

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…and if you liked that Tu-144 stuff, you’ll love this…

Courtesy of my colleague David Kaminski-Morrow, a movie, complete with moving visor, wipers, and foreplanes! Double-slotted foreplanes at that!!

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Tu-144 (2).jpg

Tu-144 at Kazan – just a machine

Quite enough snow pix just lately I realise, but these ones are livenedup by the presence of a Tupolev Tu-144 Charger (Concordski) in themiddle of them. This one’s at the Kazan factory and looking a bit sad,but as is so often the case all over the world, some people are happyto spend their day giving […]

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Miles Mohawk.jpg

Lindbergh’s aircraft on display in London (no, not that one…)

Way back in 1936 Flight carried a story titled Lindbergh buys British. Sub-titled: His new Miles Mohawk described: a high-performance “custom-built” tourer. Complete with evocative pic of Col Lindbergh running an eye over his new purchase. He finally took delivery the next year and, as you do, flew to India with his wife in it, […]

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Vulcan Farnborough.JPG

The Avro Vulcan: an apology

When I wrote on 18 August 2006 that “I’ve got my own doubts about how much money can be justified to keep large jets flying” I may have inadvertently given the impression that I had doubts about how much money could be justified to keep large jets flying. Having spent a gloriously unproductive ten minutes […]

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Hawk in Battle of Britain colours – oddly attractive

Not something you see every day of the week… Pic: Ricko Story and another pic follows…

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That Vulcan again, two ladies and their dads, and a lady and her husband, a pilot, a Tornado, and lots of well-wishers

You remember the tale of Sarah Bennett who innocently asked on Pprune “Does anyone remember my Dad?” He died in a Vulcan accident. (You can refresh your memory here.) Well, today was the day of the anniversary and below is the remarkable story of what happened.

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A tale of the Avro Vulcan (again), a lady, and her dad

It all began just about a year ago when a lady in England called Sarah enquired on Pprune “Does anyone remember my Dad?” It took a while to get going, but now Sarah knows more about her Dad than she probably expected, and certainly has a whole new understanding of the remarkable circumstances of his […]

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