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TSA – when all else fails, blame the journalists

Courtesy of my former colleague Mary Kirby, comes this overview of what the TSA gets up to in order to solve the mystery of how come the document that they sent to a few hundred people got leaked. You really wonder if they inhabit the same planet as the rest of us. And if they […]

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What on earth is going on with this blog?

OK, fair question. The post below – now known as the obese passenger post – is on its way to record traffic for me anyway, and meanwhile I’ve gone absent. I truly apologise – here’s the situation. Some of you will recall that I was due to leave Flight in sub-optimal circumstances at the end […]

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I am leaving Flight

Tomorrow actually. I couldn’t quite bring myself to make it public until now.It’s almost exactly 21 years since, in an astounding stroke of luck, I was in the right place at the right time to land a job on Flight International. And the experience since has lived up to, and then wildly surpassed, whatever expectations […]

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I’ve got a new blog

Don’t worry, it’s in addition to Unusual Attitude. It’s called KD-Check and it’s for the world of MRO, which I’m spending an increasing amount of time covering.Take a quick look – my most recent post could actually just as well have turned up here. I’m wondering who the new Boeing 767 winglet customer is? And […]

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Seattle P-I and James Wallace’s blog

What is the decent thing to do as a publisher when one of your star bloggers leaves your publication? This has happened already of course, and will happen quite a lot in future.Two obvious possibilities I suppose: you let them take their blog brands with them and carry on, or you don’t let them use […]

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Seattle loses a newspaper and James Wallace (hopefully not for long)

Today marks the final publication day of the Hearst-owned Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper. It’s continuing on the web, but it’s already decided that it can do without an aviation correspondent among other things and so the greatly respected James Wallace is out of a job. (A Seattle publisher without a heavyweight aviation correspondent – interesting concept […]

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Unusual Attitude not for sale anymore

  It’s official. UA, everyone else at Flight, and all our colleagues at New Scientist, Farmers Weekly, Personnel Today, and indeed Variety, Beleggers Belangen, and The Lancet are no longer for sale. So we’re all staying part of the Reed Business Information division of Reed Elsevier for the foreseeable. News still being digested by everyone for the […]

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Sully and Lisa – the hottest thing to come out of Canada?

Fans of aviation’s hottest soap opera – Sully and Lisa – will recall we left our hero finely balanced between the prospect of outrageous success and miserable failure. In part two Sully plays the pilot’s trump card – an actual aeroplane (something like this but probably not as nice) – but Lisa lives round aeroplanes, will […]

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We’re still podcasting

I joined colleague David Field of Airline Business magazine again for another podcast hosted by Addison Schonland of IAG. We talked about Aloha, Alitalia, T5, and US groundings among other things. Take a listen – and try some of the other pods that Addison has done.

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Great fun on Pprune today

For the last couple of years there has been an ill-conceived movement among some members of the Pprune community to close all or part of it to anyone other than professional air transport pilots. (Or something like that.) The former proprietors and, I believe, all or most of the moderators are against the idea – […]

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