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Video: Yet another Boeing 707 engine falls off?

….not absolutely sure, but something big and heavy came off this Sudanese Boeing 707 just before it crashed at Sharjah, UAE two days ago. You can see it in this video, although you have to watch carefully. It’s a well-documented issue on the 707 and the KC-135, although there have been several different reasons why […]

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Video: FedEx’s clever cargo-hold fire system

FedEx says it’s spent seven years developing its own cargo-hold fire suppression system (FSS) and is going to devote no less than 700 man-hours per aircraft to install it on its 59 Boeing MD-11 freighters, mostly next year although they’ve started already. It will also go on the new 777 freighters which enter service next […]

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Painful to watch this animation of that FedEx ATR 42 crash

It’s difficult to explain what was going through the minds of the pilots in that Empire Airlines / FedEx ATR 42 that crashed at Lubbock, TX back in January. Fortunately they survived, but watching the NTSB’s animation is still a pretty horrible experience. So many things going wrong and you just will them to go […]

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When I said you might want to work for Amerijet…

…I wasn’t exactly kidding, because there is a breed of aviators who quite like living that kind of life. But I don’t think even they thought they were signing up for this sort of stuff. Turns out that even if you’re the sort of hardened freight dog who’s happy lobbing 727s onto challenging runways in […]

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Even An-124 freight dogs are romantic about their work

Well, from time to time anyway. Enjoy the Sonata Ruslan. Looks like the An-124 is really going to go back into production BTW. A rare example of a niche design that is also a commercial success.

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