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What do you call a rehearsal for an airshow?

How about “an airshow”? Which makes you wonder how many people will turn up for the actual Victory Day parade in Moscow in four days time after getting rather more than a sneak preview of the aerial component yesterday. All the tank freaks I suppose.

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Snowbird jpg

Any male formation aerobatic team leaders out there anymore?

Having set off down the road of chronicling the recent achievements of female pilots in the world’s military aerobatic teams, I guess I’m now stuck with it. You’ll recall how the Red Arrows and Patrouille de France both announced their first female pilots last year, and then the Patrouille confirmed the appointment of a female […]

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Guyot Bruni.jpg

Sank ‘eaven fur leetle gurlz…

…zey grurr urp in zee murst deelartful way…and once in a while they become leader of one of the world’s premier jet aerobatic teams. So chapeaux off to Commandant Virginie Guyot, first featured in this blog just about a year ago, and who is this year leading the Patrouille de France.

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That Qatari C-17 turns up in Haiti

Courtesy of my former colleague David Kaminski-Morrow, here are pictures showing that Qatari C-17 that bounced through Sevilla and duly turned up in the nightmare that is Haiti. Countries like Qatar are very keen to be seen playing their role in third-world relief in the years ahead – a key market for military airlifters. Pix […]

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Qatar C-17.JPG

What is that C-17 doing on the Seville ramp?!

So driving into work on this sunny Seville / Sevilla morning with not many cares in the world, I have one of those “what the heck is that doing there” moments. In fact I first have a “what the heck is that” moment. But thereĀ“s no doubt about it – tucked in with the usual […]

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What’s it like to fly the A400M? Airbus pilot explains in podcast

Addison Schonland over at IAG has created a nice podcast of Airbus Chief Test Pilot Military Ed Strongman discussing what it’s like to fly the A400M.

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Ed Strongman

What a superb landing Ed Strongman made in the A400M today

When I was hired for this Airbus A400M communications contract, I was told early on “it’ll be good if you can liaise closely with the test pilot – Ed Strongman (seen left discussing the flight with his British customers)  – very nice chap, you’ll like him”. What I quietly thought was “Oh Lord…”. Here’s the […]

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A330MRTT wet contact 1.jpg

Airbus A330MRTT refuels F-16s – nice photos

Yesterday it turns out that Airbus completed its first aerial refuelling using its in-house designed boom – a wet contact, in the inimitable phraseology of the tanking trade. Pix below of a Portugese F-16 being the proud recipient. The A330MRTT in the exercise is destined for the Royal Australian Air Force in a few months […]

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Nice video of the Mig-29KUB landing on a Russian carrier

Here’s the Mig-29KUB landing on aircraft carrier the Admiral Kuznetsov for the first time. Some very nice cockpit video footage. The dapper looking guy with the moustache talking on the deck is Mikhail Pogosyan who heads the new United Aircraft Corporation’s military division including the old Sukhoi and MiG operations. These aircraft are destined for […]

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China flyby Getty.jpg

16 fascinating Chinese aviation photos from the Seattle P-I

How’s your Chinese aircraft-identification? Great chance to find out from this very nice gallery of pix in the Seattle P-I taken at a rehearsal for yesterday’s National Day parade. Although as this image here shows, I think this proves that when it comes to formation team smoke, less is more. What a mess!

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