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ATR hangar smash.JPG

Photo of when the fork-lift met the American Eagle ATR 72

This happened sometime over last weekend and the way it’s told to me inan email is that somewhere in the middle of it all was a technicianwho’s been pretty badly knocked about. Hope it’s not too bad.Anyway,roughly speaking the fork-lift, for reasons I know not, hit the stairsthat the guy was using to work on […]

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I’ve got a new blog

Don’t worry, it’s in addition to Unusual Attitude. It’s called KD-Check and it’s for the world of MRO, which I’m spending an increasing amount of time covering.Take a quick look – my most recent post could actually just as well have turned up here. I’m wondering who the new Boeing 767 winglet customer is? And […]

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Video of Southwest and P&W doing that engine washing thing

When I was in Dallas earlier this year I had to turn down an invite to see the EcoPower engine washing process. Happily Southwest have now made a very neat movie of it.

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American Airlines Boeing 767 nosegear collapse

Happened plenty of times before and no doubt will do again. Although a distressing surprise to see American managing it. Reportedly at Fort Worth Alliance during ground checks after a test-flight after a heavy check.  

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A340 8C-check1.jpg

For all you Airbus A340 fans out there…

Yes, both of you! Nice picture of an Air China A340 in the midst of a 8C-check at Ameco Beijing. The work included a major structural mod that involves removing the fin as you can see. When it all gets put back together it looks like the bottom picture. Ameco Beijing is an Air China […]

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