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TSA – when all else fails, blame the journalists

Courtesy of my former colleague Mary Kirby, comes this overview of what the TSA gets up to in order to solve the mystery of how come the document that they sent to a few hundred people got leaked. You really wonder if they inhabit the same planet as the rest of us. And if they […]

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Plane bombers to shoe bomber to pants bomber

That’s the record of Al Qaeda so far and we should all be taking a rare piece of comfort from the attempted attack on Northwest 253 at Detroit yesterday. The fact is that in eight years we have moved from Al Qaeda successfully launching an attack of considerable complexity conducted in the heart of the […]

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Tennis racquets on a plane – scarier than snakes!

You know 911 was quite a long time ago, and what were excusable knee-jerk responses to it at the time are really not so forgivable now. I’ve been thinking on and off this morning about how a tennis racquet can be considered an unacceptable piece of carry-on luggage. That’s absurd I thought. But then it […]

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