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Coming to your engine – parts stronger than a speeding bullet

The actual bullet test is probably not particularly useful, but it is true that the forthcoming generation of commercial and, rather sooner, military engines is likely to feature ceramic matrix composite components (stuff like silicon carbide for example). The efficiency gains are remarkable at a time when it’s getting very difficult to squeeze more out […]

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Seems Emirates is first with in-flight mobile phones

Like any journalist worth his salt I’m always leery of using the word ‘first’ – as in the first time for anything to have allegedly happened. But it does rather look as if Emirates has become the first airline in the world to offer in-flight, mobile phone, voice calls. They’re using the service from AeroMobile […]

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With due respect to America, Europe should build Galileo

Yes I realise it’s my tax pounds paying for it, and yes I do trust the USA, but despite all that I still think Europe should build the Galileo satellite navigation system. Plenty of people who know more about the subject than me disagree (and plenty who know less than me disagree as well.) Their […]

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