As Earthquake Hits Chile, Airline Operations in Flux

LAN A340 Rob Edgcumbe.jpgFollowing Saturday’s 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile, LAN’s operations to Australasia are in flux.

A statement from the carrier says LAN’s Saturday Sydney-Auckland-Santiago flight  LA800 arrived in Chile but was diverted to an unspecified airport. Authorities shut Santiago’s airport for at least three days from Saturday.

Sunday’s LA800 to Chile arrived in Auckland on its scheduled stop but is “delayed until further information is available from our head office about the current situation in Chile”.

As of Sunday night in Sydney, it is unknown if Monday’s inbound Santiago-Auckland-Sydney flight LA801 will arrive, which is curious given that by 5 PM in Sydney the flight would have to have been underway for approximately three hours.

The carrier’s website says flights from Santiago have been suspended, but says “Passengers on 17 of the airlines flights from both national andinternational cities of origin have been redirected to alternativeairports”.

The earthquake in Chile subsequently created a tsunami warning in the Pacific. A statement from Air Tahiti Nui says the carrier has delayed for 24 hours TN101 from Papeete to Auckland and the inbound TN102.

An Air Tahiti Nui flight from Tokyo was diverted to Honolulu and delayed one day due to crew rest requirements.

LAN passengers needing emergency contact information only can call in Australia: 1800 558 129 and in New Zealand: 0800 451 373.

Photo credit: AirSpace user Rob Edgcumbe Photography. LAN flies A340s on Santiago-Auckland-Chile route.


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  1. Donald Aliotta September 12, 2010 at 4:57 am #

    Sounds like nothing but smoke and mirrors to me …. all of a impetuous the worst accident to all forms of marine life in the history of earth is minimized to “don’t worry people its not as bad as it seems?” …. whatever …

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