Qantas: A Jetstar Airline?

Jetstar Qantas Group.jpgWhat in this livery might have to change soon?

My friends Grant McHerron and Steve Visscher over at the excellent Plane Crazy Down Under podcast have a joke slowly becoming true.

Jetstar aircraft are branded as “A Qantas Group Airline” (above). Yet Qantas’s new CEO, Alan Joyce, came from Jetstar–which he founded–and Qantas is adopting Jetstar initiatives, particularly with regard to cost-cutting. And as Qantas’s freshly released half-yearly results indicate, as last year’s full results did too, Jetstar is propping up Qantas.

The Plane Crazy joke is when Qantas aircraft will be branded as a “Jetstar Airline”.

My colleague Siva Govindasamy inadvertently reached that conclusion in his blog today:

Sure, Qantas would say that full-service carriers everywhere weredevastated by the economic crisis. However, the Group’s two-brandstrategy increasingly appears to be Jetstar leading and Qantasfollowing.


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