Quirky News: Drag Queens and Virgin’s New Flag

In this edition of quirky aviation news, drag queens are taking over the industry. (Cue Seinfeld: Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Virgin Blue announced its holiday division will offer a special Mardi Gras themed flight, 25 February’s DJ 857 from Melbourne to Sydney, host of the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras. Virgin Blue is the official airline sponsor of the event. The flight–which will cost $199 one-way (a regular flight goes for $85)–will include drag queen flight attendant “Ms Marion De-Pilot”.

It’s ironic since last month on the other side of the Tasman an Air New Zealand flight attendant lambasted their new crew uniforms made them “look like drag queens”.

In response, Air NZ Rob Fyfe made public he would add pink to his wardrobe, from ties to underwear.

Virgin Blue also isn’t embarrassed about drag queen connections. Accompanying the press release (which carries possibly one of the best titles ever: Up, Up and a Gay! We’re Boeing to Mardi Gras!) was the Virgin flying girl sporting a new flag.

Virgin Girl Gay Flag.jpgUpdate 26 Feb: Here’s a lively account of yesterday’s DJ 857, the MEL-SYD Mardi Gras flight.


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