Tiger’s Enviro Effort–Genuine or Ploy?

Tiger A320
Taken by AirSpace user cl

LCCs have shown themselves to be more reserved about environment matters than their full-service counterparts. On a business level it’s understandable: LCCs are lean and don’t have huge budgets to promote causes that aren’t life-or-death.

It was thus surprising to see this (at the bottom) in a recent Tiger press release announcing a fare sale to coincide with the Chinese New Year year of the tiger:

Ms Regan adds however, “while it’s a year of celebrating all things tiger-related, the world’s real wild tigers need the most support as their extinction from the wild is sadly imminent. 

“By the next Year of the Tiger (2022), there is a very real risk that tigers will be extinct in their natural habitat and so Tiger Airways is calling for Australians to join Melbourne Zoo in a campaign to raise awareness of a major issue affecting the world’s few remaining wild tigers,” she says. 

Palm oil is found in around 40% of the food products on shelves here in Australia (often disguised as ‘vegetable’ oil) and its rampant cultivation is destroying the natural habitat of the Sumatran Tiger at an alarming rate.  

 ”Tiger Airways urges everyone to join the ‘Don’t Palm us Off’ campaign and sign the petition to help push through laws that encourage correct labeling on food products to help protect the Tiger habitat before we lose all our tigers in the wild,” says Ms Regan.

You can read more about problems facing tigers here. Will Tiger make this a genuine and on-going campaign, or is it a short-term marketing ploy?

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