Welcome to the Future: Asia-Pacific Largest Market

China Airlines A330 Sweet.jpgYes, it’s sweet: Asia-Pacific market leads.

As you’ve surely heard by now, IATA says the Asia-Pacific region has usurped North America to claim the number spot as the largest aviation market. IATA says carriers in Asia-Pacific flew 647 million passengers within the region compared to North America’s 638 million in its region (that means wholly within and not to/from other regions).

Last year in Airbus’s global market forecasts it said Asia-Pacific would be the largest market only by 2028. Boeing wasn’t bullish either, also sticking to the 2028 date. But history is past and this is now: the future has arrived. Asia-Pacific is taking the helm.

This marks a monumental shift. We’re going from carriers in North America that everyone knows and scrutinizes to a region where some big carriers are known but many more remain hidden (pop quiz: how many aircraft are in China? Answer: 1,400). We’re going from stereotypically low-service cabins to stereotypically high-service cabins. And we’re going from the home of the low-cost carrier (that’s you, Dallas, home to Southwest) to the new frontier where LCCs are being taken to the next level by going long-haul and with early signs of success (that’s you, Kuala Lumpur and Macau, respectively home to AirAsia X and Viva Macau).

And what better time to announce this than at the Singapore Air Show? You can see my colleagues’ work–articles, photos, videos, Tweets–here at our special Singapore Air Show page.

Stay tuned. This is a good, if not the, place to be.

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