Air NZ: Please Spoon (Yes, As In the Innuendo)

In this edition of quirky news, when Singapore Airlines introduced its first class suite on its A380, it had to make clear “appropriate” and “inappropriate” behaviour, which roughly translated as no sex, although squeaky clean Singapore never used the S word.

Air New Zealand, however, to promote its quasi-bed economy seat is actively using a different, but still playful, S word: spooning.

Let the kiwis explain:

Air NZ Spooning.jpgDid that not clear things up? Then head over to Air NZ’s Facebook page, where they have posted an 85 second video of a man (who must now be infamous in New Zealand) doing nothing but spooning. That’s right–no flashy image of the new Skycouch or any direct advertising about it.

It doesn’t compare to the carrier’s Nothing to Hide videos, but it took a lot more guts and risk to publicly post, especially compared to Singapore Airlines.

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  1. lcmortensen December 19, 2010 at 12:13 pm #

    The spooning man is New Zealand comedian Dai Henwood.

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