Quirky News: Create a Cocktail, Snack or Eye Mask for Air NZ

Air NZ Eye Mask.jpgHow would you like to have that as your business class eye mask? Air NZ is inviting the public to design cocktails, snacks, and eye masks.

Last year when V Australia unveiled its first B777-300ER, it boasted of a women-only loo, wall paper with hidden Australian icons, and salt and pepper shakers modeled after the Sydney Opera House.

But when Air New Zealand takes delivery this November of its first B777-300ER (it’s a -300ER showdown!) it wants to boast of cabin elements created by you.

In one of the most advanced uses of social media and reaching out to customers, Air NZ is asking the public to create a “signature cocktail”, mid-flight snack, eye mask, and video promoting one of those items. The video submissions will undoubtedly generate more buzz for the airline.

While the public doesn’t get to vote on the submissions, perhaps that’s a wise choice given Duan the engineer’s eye mask idea (see top photo). Those who have their submission chosen can win a trip on Air NZ’s inaugural B777-300ER Auckland-London flight next April. The competition is open to people across the world, but submissions close 26 April. See the Aviation Design Academy website for more details and, of course, quirky videos.

It will be interesting to see how customers react. Do they respond better to a dish created by some five-star chef, or to a dish created by their friend or a total stranger?

This is not the first time the public has been invoked to aviation. Back to the -300ER showdown, V Australia was named in a public competition, and its first aircraft (Didgeree Blue) was named after one of the submissions. But after that the excitement died down. Can Air NZ keep the beat going?

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  1. S and T March 28, 2010 at 2:32 am #

    Move over jamie oliver, this guy is skilled, cute and very funny.

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