Excuse Me, Have You Seen My Landing Gear Doors?

Swiss Air Force PC9.JPGA Swiss PC9, taken by AirSpace user Jackus39

In this installment of quirky aviation news, the Royal Australian Air Force has issued a statement that a RAAF PC9 conducting a training mission over Heyfield in eastern Victoria  today “had two landing gear doors separate from the aircraft during flight”.

For the uninitiated, the RAAF is kind enough to explain that “the loss of parts from aircraft during flight is unusual”.

The aircraft safely landed at  RAAF Base East Sale. More fortunate, the PC9, a small single engine turboprop, has correspondingly small landing gear doors unlikely to cause major damage. Should you find them (on the street or in the middle of your now-smashed kitchen table), please contact the RAAF. They’d like to know why the doors fell off. “Finders keepers” need not apply here.


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  1. eamon April 22, 2010 at 10:37 pm #

    I think you’ll find that’s a PC-7. The three-bladed prop gives it away.

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