Borghetti Comes In, PR Manager Goes Out

New Virgin Blue Group CEO John Borghetti held the reigns for barely a week before it was announced that Danielle Keighery would replace Heather Jeffery as the group’s GM of Public Affairs, a position Jeffery held since 2005. The timing, sources say, is not a coincidence and the decision not on Jeffery’s terms.

According to Travel Weekly, the cause may be lingering animosity from when Jeffery was Public Affairs Manager for Ansett and Air New Zealand.

But with a shake-up so soon, and one that employees were shocked about, the lingering question is if this was a one-off decision or a premonition.

Borghetti has corporate market background and Virgin Blue is working on its “airline of the future” concept to guide it forward in a market that has seen two new competitors–Jetstar and Tiger–enter since its last major strategy plan, which resulted in its “new world carrier” approach.

How Borghetti reconciles his style with the Virgin brand will be an early indicator of his tenure and the carrier’s future success.

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