Man Pounces on Tiger Terminal

Had Tiger chosen to write a press release regarding the overnight incident of a man breaking into its Gold Coast terminal and proceeding to break windows and upend furniture, one suspects they would have given in to their tendency to use the pun “pounce”.

Alas, there was no press release, so I’ll make the Tiger-rific quip for them in this installment of quirky news.

To see the damage caused by the eye of the tiger, head over to the Gold Coast Carrier‘s 22-picture slide show. The terminal was shut down for the day and flights operated out of the main terminal. Tiger expects its terminal to open again tomorrow. Police are still investigating.

On the positive side, being an ultra-low-cost carrier, Tiger designed an ultra-low-cost terminal where there wasn’t much to damage to begin with. But still, next time you read their in-flight magazine Tiger Tales, don’t expect to see this Tiger tale.

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