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Trying out Air NZ’s @flyAirNZ SkyCouch

What Air New Zealand does not have in size it has in character. While it lacks a 300-plus strong fleet that some airlines have, it has safety demonstration videos that have gone viral. While it lacks the A380 as a mascot, it has smut-mouth Rico. Although Air NZ is small it needs to be big […]

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Who could be Virgin Blue’s Asian suitors?

Anyone in the Asia Pacific region has heard this line: the Asia Pacific region will become the world’s largest aviation market. Yet Asia is relatively absent on the globetrotting footprint Virgin Blue has created in the past two years.Its service to Los Angeles and codeshare (perhaps soon JV) with Delta plants the carrier in North […]

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AirAsia X and Christchurch ink deal for NZ flights

AirAsia X has talked for over a year about establishing a virtual hub in Australia and New Zealand, and earlier this year flagged its interest to fly from Australia to New Zealand. Now that interest is firm with anagreement Christchurch International Airport has reached with AirAsia X to have the Malaysian low-cost carrier startservices from its Kuala Lumpur […]

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Oh cr@p! C172 a likely write-off after landing in sewage pond

While most of New Zealand is taking today easy on account of it being Labour Day, two pilots were working to extricate themselves from a sewage pond after their C172 overran the runway during a touch-and-go at Thames airport in NZ’s North Island (see map below).The duo were injured–physically, at least–and there was no structural […]

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AA 737

Locusts latest plague to aircraft

In this edition of quirky aviation news, just as the world forgets the Icelandic volcano that caused flight delays and ash-gate, CASA tell us nature is back at work reviving a primordial threat: locusts. “Locusts can fly up to 3000 feet and can be in swarms of up to 50 million,” CASA warns. “In sufficient numbers […]

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Tiger will let pax pay to board early, but who will pay?

Passengers may have collectively sighed upon learning this week that Tiger Airways has become latest carrier to offer passengers the “privilege” of boarding early in exchange for their wallet surrendering $6 per passenger per segment. The decision follows a trial on Tiger flights out of Singapore. But one wonders who will take up this ancillary […]

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Air NZ 747

Fyfe invokes nationalism in Air NZ-Virgin Blue trans-Tasman argument

Dark days ahead for Air NZ on the Tasman? Photograph: AirSpace photographer illuminati. As I reported for our subscription newswire Air Transport Intelligence last week, Air NZ CEO Rob Fyfe accused Australian regulator the Australian Competition andConsumer Commission of being short-term focused in its rejection of the Air NZ-Virgin Blue trans-Tasman JV. From our ATI […]

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Take home messages from Virgin Blue’s Navitaire SNAFU

Long queues at Melbourne airport Sunday evening. Photo: Will Horton I fortunately was flying on Sunday and, even more fortunately, not on Virgin Blue, whose Navitaire-powered IT booking, reservations, check-in, and boarding system crashed following a hardware failure Sunday morning. The carrier later said Navitaire should have “remedied within a short period of time” the […]

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