Oh cr@p! C172 a likely write-off after landing in sewage pond

While most of New Zealand is taking today easy on account of it being Labour Day, two pilots were working to extricate themselves from a sewage pond after their C172 overran the runway during a touch-and-go at Thames airport in NZ’s North Island (see map below).

The duo were injured–physically, at least–and there was no structural damage to aircraft, owned by South Auckland’s Ardmore Flying School. But the C172′s engine was completely submerged, making it likely the aircraft will be a write-off, according to an account told to Waikato Times by a chief flying flying instructor based at airfield and who witnessed the accident.

This morning Christchurch-based Pacific Blue was unwittingly promoting flights from Australia to NZ with the tag line “What’s ours is yours”, which in light of this recent incident, is awfully generous.

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