Tiger will let pax pay to board early, but who will pay?

Southwest Cattle Call.jpg

Passengers may have collectively sighed upon learning this week that Tiger Airways has become latest carrier to offer passengers the “privilege” of boarding early in exchange for their wallet surrendering $6 per passenger per segment. The decision follows a trial on Tiger flights out of Singapore.

But one wonders who will take up this ancillary fee, which Tiger has, apparently, trademarked as “boardmefirst”. 

Unlike Southwest’s no-assigned-seats policy, Tiger has assigned seating so there’s no cattle call to board (see above screen capture) and thus no reason to board early to secure a seat. Passengers wanting to guarantee a seat can do so in advance–for a fee, of course.

Thankfully Australians haven’t–yet–developed the American habit of over-stuffing carry-on luggage, but then again Tiger weighs carry-ons, so overhead bin space isn’t a huge factor.

One (okay, me) also wonders how many seconds or minutes time-conscious Tiger will have separating boardmefirstTM boarding from regular boarding. Most of Tiger’s ports board via stairs that are a good walk from Tiger’s “gate”. Presumably a fast walker could surpass the boardmefirstTM-ers.

There will undoubtedly be the occasional passengers who purchase this option, and it is those people who are Tiger’s prey.


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