It was this video that got Air NZ into trouble?

Air NZ Crazy About Rugby safety video.jpg

In this edition of quirky news, ever since Air New Zealand had its employees, including chief executive Rob Fyfe, strip for videos, some people had been claiming Air NZ had gone too far. With each new video and characters introduced–notably a fluffy and sleazy mammal with a penchant for wearing purple vests–came more protests.

And now Air NZ has conceded.

So was it the nudity? Rico hitting on passengers? Rico playing matchmaker? Rico’s insalubrious language?


It was a kiss. Or rather, the lack thereof.

In Air NZ’s “Crazy about Rugby” safety video flight attendant Will Coxhead asks All Blacks centre Richard Kahui for a kiss on the cheek (see screenshot above) and the player turns him down, waving no and shaking his head.

Air NZ says an unidentified university professor “had raised concerns the homosexual rejection could lead to gay male suicides”, the AFP reports.

Air NZ will remove the scene from videos. At present the offending scene remains in the video below from the carrier’s YouTube page.

For now, long live Rico.

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