Borghetti adds flair with new Virgin Blue uniforms

Virgin Blue’s new uniforms–to be unveiled at a fashion catwalk in the Westfield Sydney shopping centre on 23 Feb, the same day crews start wearing the new uniform–show chief executive John Borghetti is not ditching that flaunted Virgin flair but adding more, and in a sophisticated manner, as the carrier chases corporate market share.

Project Runway winner turned uniform designer Juli Grbac has done away with the casual desert khaki pants and skirts. Females get knee-length cherry red dresses or skirts (not too tight, ahem Virgin Atlantic) and loose white blouses, both complemented with a thin black belt. The chic professional look is finished with a red jacket and violet & white blend scarf angled to the left over the uniform.

Virgin Atlantic uniform.jpg

You would be forgiven for thinking this was the smart-looking Virgin Atlantic uniform (right). Virgin Blue’s new scarf, worn over the uniform, is the major difference, and ladies can also wear grey pants that match the male uniform. The gents have gone upscale the most with white dress shirts, shimmering purple and indigo ties, and black vests and blazers.

The professional yet also eye-catching look is unfortunately lost on female pilots who, reportedly, will wear a black scarf over a blouse left skimpily unbuttoned at the top.

The new uniform gives no hint of the carrier’s new name. Crew name tags still list the old airline names, but reportedly feel cheaply made–almost as if they will be replaced very soon.

Since Virgin Blue has largely followed Virgin Atlantic’s uniform, including a purple scarf, might Blue also echo Atlantic’s featuring of purple on the livery?

Photo: Flickr user jetsetcd


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