Last rites for F-111

F-111 Performing Dump and Burn for the last time on behalf of Australian Air Force RAAF at Singapore Air show 2010. Photograph: AirSpace user illuminati

The Pig is set to be no more than scrap metal by 30 November.

The Defence Material Organisation has started preparations for the F-111′s last rites by issuing Request for Tender Number RFT/DMO/ASD/001/2011, which “requires physical destruction and disposal of F-111 aircraft, TF-30 engines and associated components and equipment currently located at RAAF Base Amberley, Queensland”.

The DMO plans for the scrapping to commence 1 August and conclude by 30 November. The tender closes 15 March.

Note that “Proper management of environment, health and safety hazards will be a key requirement of the contract.”

Should you win the contract and manage to sneak out a Pig, these folks would love to have a F-111.

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