What will Virgin Blue announce this week?

This Wednesday has been tooted as a very historical day for the Virgin Blue Group. Besides the group’s half-annual results, what might we hear? Here are some possibilities.

  • Borghetti for 21 Feb 11.JPGNew uniform. All but guaranteed: flight attendants have picked up their uniforms, signed confidentiality agreements, and will start wearing the uniform on 23 February, the same day there will be a media unveiling at the Westfield Sydney shopping centre. For more, and what the uniform will look like, see here.
  • New name, logo, and livery. “Virgin Australia” still seems to be the running favourite, but will Singapore Airlines allow them to use the name? Or will some in Virgin management have their way and drop the Virgin branding?
  • An alliance with at least one Asian airline.
  • A new service to a major city in Asia. Hong Kong, the perennial favorite, is still talked up, as is Shanghai.

  • Additional Airbus A330 aircraft. These would be for the very short-term. The fleet could also be announced as going overseas, notably to Asia (see above).
  • Additional Boeing 777 aircraft. V Australia will eventually need more. Is now the time? Some say yes. Curiously, the old talk of inducting -200LRs into the fleet for New York services still seems to be circulating.
  • Order announcement for turboprop fleet. ATR-72s seem to be the running favourite. Although ATR does have an unidentified order, that order is not believed to be for Virgin.
  • New domestic cabin, including new premium class. Also a mention of when Sky Interior deliveries will start, and what the A330 interior will be? (Apparently economy won’t be much but business should have a few doodads.) With regards to IFE, Virgin has reportedly run into licensing disagreements with Panasonic for the Red system V Australia uses.

What do you think?

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