New insight into QF32 Trent 900 failure on ABC Four Corners Monday night


At 8:30 tonight the ABC1 Four Corners programme will air an hour-long documentary on November’s QF32 accident. Full reviews are embargoed until tonight, but those interested in the matter will definitely want to watch the programme. ABC has released in advance for reviewers the first half hour, which covers the flight from departure to return to Singapore. Although there are no major revelations, there are plenty of interesting factoids.

The second half hour will cover the investigation and, it is promised, show the aircraft on the ground in Singapore. If the show’s new insights into the Trent 900′s defects are anything to go by, the second half will be very interesting and make up for the slow first half hour.

The documentary was made with Qantas’s cooperation. The QF32 crew, operations crew, as well as Alan Joyce are interviewed. Those wanting to observe objectivity while watching tonight should consider the programme’s vibe–positive, too positive?–given to Qantas contrasted against QF32′s ultimate problem: Rolls-Royce. Is ABC doing Qantas a huge PR favour?

More coverage will be posted here tonight.

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