Virgin flying lady gets makeover in new Virgin Blue livery

John Borghetti’s transformation of Virgin Blue into a more dignified, grown-up, and corporate-friendly carrier is evident in the new “flying lady” applied to Virgin soon-not-Blue’s first A330, the first hint of the new forthcoming livery. 

A very modest and Greek goddess-like lady flying a regal Australian flag, all so far in silver with no colour, has replaced the skimpily-clad and colourful flying lady that has adorned Virgin Blue jets since the carrier’s 2000 founding, below (with some special occasion variations here and here).

The new decal was applied today at Sydney airport with a red band along the engine cowling, Australian Aviation reports with photos. The cowling’s red band is almost identical to the style on V Australia 777s.

Update: The decal and red band were removed Friday night. They were possibly applied only for a film shoot.

The aircraft is the first of two A330-200 to be leased from BOC. They were previously in service with Emirates. Early next year Virgin Blue will take delivery of two factory-fresh A330-200 aircraft from the Airbus production line.

Start snapping away at these endangered flying ladies while you can.

Virgin flying lady.JPG

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  1. Luke June 27, 2011 at 8:30 pm #

    This is ridiculous! I thought those decals were so cool. They’ve been painting babes on planes since the 40s. You can’t tell me it’s not “grown-up”.

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