Chart: how much it costs to check a bag on an Australian flight

With Jetstar’s revamping of its fare structure, including new checked luggage prices, I thought it would be worthwhile to compare the new checked bag fees.

If you’re flying on the upper half of the Australian airline spectrum in a basic economy fare, Qantas includes checked luggage (23kg) while Virgin Australia will sell you the same weight for $12. On Tiger and Jetstar you’ll pay based on weight, and unless Tiger’s fare is much lower, chances are you’ll be better off financially on Jetstar. On trans-Tasman flights, Air New Zealand and Virgin offer lower fees for 23kg (that’s product integration at work) while Jetstar offers even lower prices for 15kg and 20kg pieces.

While passengers may bemoan checked bag fees, perspective is needed. Last week while in America I commented on Tiger’s pricing, more aggressive than America’s Spirit or Southwest, saying it is possible to fly from Melbourne to Sydney for $15 one-way. The eyes of the industry types I was chatting to widened and one person remarked, “Here the airlines won’t even take your bags for that.” (Most US carriers charge a flat US$25 for 23kg, double the current rate in Australia and even more than double when the exchange rate is lower.)

Australian Air NZ checked baggage.jpg

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