Jetstar’s seat colour joke an accolade to Virgin Australia

Virg Aus 737 Y Cabin-1.JPGThis edition of quirky news is courtesy of Jetstar’s press release today announcing its new a la carte fare structure. Commenting on the ability to pick an assortment of offerings, the release quotes Jetstar chief executive Bruce Buchanan saying: “You can choose almost everything but the seat colour.”

It was a spin on Henry Ford’s classic statement about offering cars in any colour as long as it’s black, but the joke is on Jetstar.

Virgin Australia’s new economy cabin (above on the 737, below on the A330) offers passengers three seat colour choices–gray, purple, and red. It was a decision that was very intentional, the airline’s creative director Hans Hulsbosch told me at the start of the month.

“The reason why I did is that with most airlines, economy class is economy class, is cattle class,” Hulsbosch says. “If you go on the aircraft of our competitor’s, it’s the same chairs all the way around. I wanted to make every customer feel special. I did that through colour and design. I wanted to give a feeling of ‘Hey, I’m special. They’re treating me special because they’ve given me a special colour.’”

Although Virgin Atlantic’s economy cabin features sets of seats in different colours, no airline to Virgin’s knowledge has given each seat a random colour. “It’s the first time in the world that anyone has ever addressed to make that economy passenger feel special. No one has ever bothered.”

Jetstar may end up swallowing Buchanan’s quote if Hulsbosch’s prediction on individuality in economy class comes true: “You wait. They’re all going to follow.”

Virg Aus A330 Y cabin-2.JPG

Virg Aus A330 Y cabin-1.JPG

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  1. Amer@TendToTravel May 19, 2011 at 6:58 am #

    I’m not sure about Virgin’s argument. I know Malaysia Airlines has those ridiculous smarties colour in economy!

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