Singapore 777 makes cameo in Virgin Australia ad #NewVirgin

This edition of quirky news is brought to you by Virgin Australia, whose new sixty-second television advertisement features music by Les Gock Sound Thinking and cameos from uniform designer Juli Grbac, creative director Hans Hulsbosch, and a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft.

Say what?

The 777 makes a brief appearance around the :46 second mark when Virgin Australia crew are seen walking out to an Airbus A330 at what I understand is Sydney airport. (You can watch the full clip here or at the bottom of this page.) Parked next to their A330 is the 777 you can discernibly see in the livery of Singapore Airlines, the carrier who more or less made Virgin Australia’s single-brand rationalisation possible.

When Singapore acquired a 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic in 2000, it also received veto power over the use of the “Virgin” name internationally. John Borghetti and Sir Richard Branson won’t comment on what agreement they reached with Singapore except that the carrier has granted permission for “Virgin Australia” to be used on the present Pacific Blue and V Australia subsidiaries. Those two airlines continue to operate under their old names and are expected to be formally changed to Virgin Australia later this year.

As for the 777′s appearance, I suspect it was coincidental and not a quiet nod of appreciation. At least it wasn’t a Qantas aircraft.

SQ A380 Virg Aus ad.jpg
If you’re still reading this, perhaps you hold an interest in all things superfluous, in which case here are some other interesting snippets.

In the same ad, the A330 features the new Flying Lady (:47) but not the red stripe around the engine cowling (:45):
No band on A330 engine.jpg
Virgin has a virtual tour of its A330, showing 360 degree views of business class, economy class, and–strangely–the galleys. In the galleys you can see metal boxes labelled at the bottom (underneath the handle) with “EK”, the IATA code for the aircraft’s former operator, Emirates.
EK galley boxes.jpg
Of more interest is the business class bulkhead, which shows the Flying Lady on the wall, although on the A330 at Sydney yesterday, VH-XFB, there was no such wall decoration.
A330 biz wall Flying Lady.jpg

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  1. AirBoss May 5, 2011 at 8:37 pm #

    Whoa, was that Captain Travolta I spied?

  2. Will Horton May 5, 2011 at 8:53 pm #

    Not if Alan Joyce has anything to say!

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