Make public the Tiger show cause notice and other documents

Two months ago, before specifics emerged of CASA’s show cause notice to Tiger and before Tiger openly discussed the notice, details on the matter were scant and this page filed a freedom of information request to obtain the documents related to the show cause notice.

CASA, the Australian government at large, and Tiger have still not made these documents public.

The original request stated that since the show cause notice was a safety matter affecting a company that engages in public air transport, the public has the right to know about safety matters that potentially affect them.

Taking a significant action like grounding an airline for at least a week, as CASA has done to Tiger, shows there are safety matters that need to be disclosed sooner rather than later.

To CASA’s credit the regulator approved the freedom of information request but had to work with Tiger about redacting the documents since they “contain information concerning business, commercial or financial affairs of an organisation,” a spokeswoman said in an e-mail message. But those redacted documents have yet to materialise.

Ultimately no amount of commercial sensitivity, a justification airlines are quick to hide behind, can surpass the worst case scenario of fatalities.

Timeline of Flightglobal’s freedom of information request

  • 27 April: Request made
  • 23 May: Informed by CASA documents contained confidential information that would need to be reviewed with Tiger
  • 22 June: Informed by CASA review with Tiger commenced 24 May and was ongoing
  • 1 July: CASA grounds Tiger over concerns stemming from the show-cause notice


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