Tiger ban likely to be lifted this week

Tiger A320 in-flight.jpgSigns are strong that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority is nearing satisfaction with a turn around at Tiger Airways and could early this week lift the grounding it imposed at the start of the month for a week and then extended until 1 August.

CASA finally seems satisfied with the seriousness Tiger has taken to its approach and the measures implemented.

The grounding extension was subject to court approval, which was due to be heard last Friday but adjourned until next Thursday. There are doubts if next Thursday’s court session will be heard as Tiger may no longer be grounded by then.

There are two sides to the court adjournment story: the incomplete version from a Tiger statement to the Singapore stock exchange that it and CASA “have jointly applied to the court for an adjournment of the proceedings”. The complete sequence of events comes from CASA, who details that Tiger “sought the adjournment of the matter until Thursday 28 July 2011. CASA did not oppose the adjournment.”

Both result in the same outcome, but CASA’s version gives rise to the notion Tiger thought it was likely the Federal Court in Melbourne would approve the extended grounding–a tarnish it would be difficult to shake off on top of its troubles. Requesting a delay, until CASA was likely to assent to a return to operations, removes that potential stigma.

But Tiger should not expect a free-ride return to service. It and CASA are expected to detail–at an unknown level–the actions and corrections taken at Tiger. It is also unlikely Tiger will be permitted to return to a full schedule.


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